・゚・★simply one hell of a butler・★・゚・

all about sebastian ♡

species: demon
gender: male
height: 186cm / 6'1"

faustian contract mark:

daily schedule

5:50 A.M - getting up, getting dressed
6:00 A.M - preparing the master's breakfast, ironing the newspapers, instructing the staff
8:30 A.M - waking up the master with "early morning tea," assisting with the morning toilet, serving breakfast
9:30 A.M - the master's breakfast
10:30 A.M - start of the master's daily plan (work, learning, etc.), polishing the silverware, beginning lunch preparations
12:30 P.M - the master's lunch
2:00 P.M - preparations for the afternoon tea
3:30 P.M - the master's afternoon tea
6:00 P.M - preparations for dinner
8:00 P.M - the master's dinner
9:00 P.M - cleaning up the dinner leftovers, polishing the silverware
10:00 P.M - the master's evening toilette (bathing, getting changed)
11:00 P.M - putting him to bed
00:00 A.M - locking the rooms, extinguishing the chimney fire, etc., preparations for breakfast
2:00 A.M - end of work